What I’m doing these days….

Hello Everybody! How are you doing? I recently received some mails from some of you asking why I’ve disappeared in Silverlight Forum lately. Well, yes! I couldn’t participate in Silverlight forum that much these days. :(  Why? Because there are mainly two reasons behind.

Let me start with the first one. I recently changed my job. I started working as a IT consultant at Xuenn Pte Ltd and I will be working with .NET 3.5 (espcially: WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation), WCF(Windows Communication Foundation) and maybe, Silverlight too). I’m really happy to be a part of Xuenn. All people from that company are young, active and very cool.  As you all know, I’m big fan of Silverlight and was looking for Silverlight Developer Position in Singapore. But I found that the most of companies are not ready to use Silverlight for their products. So, I decided to play with WPF and WCF in future. I will be doing Silverlight also and maybe, I will be pushing my company to do some Silverlight products in future. :) As of now, I have to learn WPF, WCF and Prism as much as I can.

Here is another thing. I have joined the Prism Contrib project and will be start working with them very soon. Our team will have Live Meeting on July 22, 2008. Contributing to this project is my spare time work and I believe that I will get a lot of great experience from that project.

That’s all what I was doing lately. What about you? What are you doing these days? I didn’t read Silverlight Forum that much these days so I think I might miss out some importants news or problems/workarouds or tips or etc. Please tell me if I miss out something from Silverlight community. :)

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  1. Congrats Michael!

    WPF is a very cool technology. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with it. The best thing is that your Silverlight skills won’t go stale; the technologies are so similar.

    Hey, at least now someone else will have a fighting chance for that top spot in the Silverlight community ranking ;)


  2. Hehe, I was waiting and I was really disappointed that Astoria was not compatible with SL2B1..

    I have rendered my project of diploma two weeks ago, then I had not enough time to migrate my project to SL2B2 (I used Linq DataClasses + WCF, but it sucks).

    Now I’m trying the wonderfull VisualStateManager, did you try ? It’s powerfull! And then I will play with Astoria later :)

    Now I’m not stress by a deadline, I can play with Silverlight just for fun, I really love this technology.

    CU :)

  3. Hi Pete,

    Thank you so much, Pete :) Hopefully, I will be able to do good job with WPF in my new company :) And also, I hope I will be able to contribute a lot of works to Prism Contrib project too.

    Hey desopedr,

    I read a few blog posts about Visual State Manager but haven’t tried yet. Actually, I was hoping to get dynamic themes in SL2B2 (ability to change the style dynamically) but that write-once limitation is still exist in SL2b2. I had some mail conversations with Coria who used to provide Silverlight theme in her blog. She said that she will find the workaround for that.

    Another thing: How come you said its suck to use WCF? I think WCF supports RESTful also.

  4. It’s not WCF which sucks ! I think Linq DataClasses model sucks compared to Entity Data Model.

    I don’t know Coria. You can manage themes changing templates at runtime but it’s not a good pattern ^^ You can be happy it’s very easy to manage themes in WPF hehe ;)

  5. Hello Mike, its been a long time since we played with each others pee pee, i really miss you :-)

  6. >>good luck for your new job!


    >>hope to read about WPF and MS Patterns and Practices on your blog soon..

    haha. Yes. you will..

    >>its been a long time since we played with each others pee pee, i really miss you

    oh! yes. me too.. I really miss the day we played.. :P How are you doing these days?

  7. Hello Mike and Keith, I remeber when we used to sword fight with our pee pee’s in the sandbox but that was way before WCP & WPF. Ahhh… Those were the good ol’ days.

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