VIEWS – Opensource Virtual Earth Wrapper for Silverlight

Jared Bienz from Microsoft announced that VIEWS, the Virtual Earth Wrapper for Silverlight, is live on Codeplex.

VIEWs is a wrapper around the JavaScript Virtual Earth control that allows a developer to write a complex Virtual Earth Mashup using a managed language for all client-side scripting. It was originally created by Adam Eversole in Microsoft Research and it was an internal-only project when Jared found it. Then,  Jared refine and polish it with the help of Adam within 8 days. Now, we all can download the VIEWS and its sample project. If you are new to VIEWS, you can take a look at Jared’s screencast and Getting Start tutorial.

(Yes. He announced about that July 1 but there was a few issues in accessing the homepage of VIEWS in Codeplex. Now, I just checked the URL agan and found that we are able to access the home page of VIEWS so I’m posting about that information here. )

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