A few updates for my readers

Hello All,

How are you doing?  I hope everything is fine with you. Please accept my apologies for not posting anything lately in my blog. (I don’t want to repeat that I’ve been so busy this time. hehe ) I’m writing this post because I would like to share some updates that you might interest.

WPF and Silverlight Insiders

Yes. I’ve been invited to join WPF/Silverlight Insiders team last month. Some of you may not know what WPF/Silverlight Insiders is. The insiders are the group of people who invited by Microsoft to give the feedbacks on their new products.

All insiders got the early build of Silverlight and other new products. We also have the private mail list where we can discuss about anything relate to those products with other Insiders, MVPs and (of course) Microsoft team.

I really enjoy to be a part of that team. Initally, I was not so sure whether I’m allowed to tell my friends about WPF/Insider team and etc. That’s why I didn’t post about that last month. Now, I come to know that it’s okay to share about that with my friends.

I’m planning to write the series of tutorials in my blog. I will let you know more about that later. Stay turned.

SLUnity – Configuration

As you all know, I’m participating in UnityContrib project to contribute the Silverlight version of Unity (SLUnity) for Silverlight Community. I recieved serveral requests to support the SLUnity Configuration. I tried to port the project in very simple way and I got it working for very simple scenerio. One of my friends from UK was helping me to test my ported version of SLUnity. He pointed out some intesteing scenerios that I need to look at it. I’m really appreciated his help on this. I will take some time to share the code of SLUnity.Configuration with you. I also like to see what Unity team will offer for us.

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