27 Replies to “My Wedding!!”

  1. Congrats:, Ko Michael! Wish you a happy and peaceful life with your pretty wife! :D

  2. Hey buddy,

    Heartiest Congratulations Man!! Have a great married life.
    All the best.


  3. Hi Michael,

    Congratulations!!! Hope you find happyness for all your’s entire life’s.

    Best Regards from Portugal,
    Pedro Martins

  4. Hi bro,
    Congratulations! Hope my wish not come in late. (anyway, its 1 month later :P)
    Wish you guys have lovely babIES :D Just like you always smile smile … smiling face.

  5. Hey michael,

    Many many congratulations dude… Just checked your blog and got to know about your marriage.

    God bless you and wish you a very happy married life…

    Take care.

  6. Hey Michael,

    As one said wisely… “Its better late than never”….

    Congrats for your wedding….!!
    Have a gr8 life ahead.

    ~Nimit Sharma

  7. Hey Mike…..Many congratulations….Sorry for being so late…
    Man ur bulging cheeks show that u r a beer guzzler :D

  8. Hay…..
    Long time no see, hope you will remember me :)

    I didn’t know you get married. I just search on the web now. Anyway congratulation. You are getting fat :P

    I also got a married on October 2009 :)

  9. hi friend

    Happy Anniversary
    and May
    your marriage be Blessed with love,
    joy And companionship
    For all the years of your lives!

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