Things that make me disappointed these days

1. Windows 7 on Sony VAIO – VGN-C25G/B

I love technology. I love the most latest things when it comes to technology. This is what I am. I can’t control myself not to install Windows 7 on my machine as soon as it’s up on MSDN subscription downloads. then, CRASH!!  I don’t want to repeat how disappointed I am at that time. Some of my friends from Twitter know about that. I asked about that in Windows 7 Forum.

ACPI.sys Address 88ET3481 BASE AT 88EP4000 DATESTAMP 49E9766


Previous OS : Vista Home Premium
Laptop : Sony VAIO – VGN-C25G/B E1
Memory : 2 GB
Processor : Core 2 Dual


2. Firefox says “Using Internet Explorer is So 2006” :(

Using Internet Explorer is So 2006? what the f**k! why did they mention “Internet Explorer”?? Why did they use other competitor’s name there? I’m not a Microsoft fanboy or anything. I will say the same thing if they use Opera or Google Chrome or any other browser. Insulting other by name is not cool. It seems like people from Firefox are proud of themself or something.

Yes. It was the day that I stopped using Firefox. I’ve been using it since long time back but I won’t use it anymore. I will miss Firefox and I will definitely miss Firebug but it’s over. I’m currently using Google Chrome until I found the browser that I like. Good Bye, Firefox!


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  1. May be you’re right, they shouldn’t have use IE’s name…

    But think about it another way, “Using a browser that doesn’t keep up to the standards is so 2006!” would probably mean the same browser to you too, since they’re talking to everyone, which includes those who might not understand it, they might as well use Internet Explorer blatantly.

    And just because you don’t like the way they advertise their stuff, I don’t think you should take the trouble of not using it.

    I mean, you wouldn’t just walk everywhere if SMRT or SBS made a bad ad, would ya? Oh wait, they’ve done quite a lot!

  2. Hey Nyi,

    Thanks for dropping by. just having the feeling that Firefox team are so unprofessional. They may really hate someone but they shouldn’t act like that in public. They shouldn’t be that much child-dish.

    Microsoft did the comparision with IE 8 and Firefox with a few test cases. They should do the same thing professionally.

    I will be using Chrom or IE8 or other browsers.. Firefox is no longer the best browser on earth since a lot of browsers (including IE8) are getting better day by day.

  3. You’re right, they shouldn’t be that child-dish. it is unprofessional of them to do that.

    I also prefer Google Chrome but I still use Firefox because of Firebug, Adblock plus and other extensions that I love to use.

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