3 new websites for Silverlight Community

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I like to introduce new 3 websites that I created since last year.

Silverlight MVP and Insiders Web Site

URL: http://wsinsiders.com

This site is where you can find all informations about Silverlight MVP and WPF/Silverlight Insiders. You can also read the series of Silverlight tutorials written by Silverlight MVPs and Insiders. Silverlight Tutorials for Beginners is the first series of our tutorials. We are planning to write more tutorials in that site as well. Here is the list of tutorials that we have in our mind.

  • Tutorials for Silverlight Business Application Development – we can write about localization, validation, services. performances, pattern, Prism or MEF
  • Tutorials for Silverlight Control Development : We can read the source code of Silverlight Toolkit and can write something like Silverlight Toolkit Internal.
  • Tutorials for Silverlight Media or Game Development : Pixel Shader or 3D or Effect or Best Practice for video/audio streaming
  • Tutorials for “Designers/Expression Blend : I think it’s very important. the resources for designer are very less. there are a lot of designers who like to learn about how to design theme or XAML or Blend.. We can write about how to create a Mac-style theme, Glassy theme or etc.  Note: The old name of that tutorial was “Tutorials for Silverlight/XAML Designer”. Based on Michael Washington’s suggested, it has been re-named.
  • Tips/Trick : How to add the grouping feature, Excel-like Filering in Datagrid,
  • Tutorials for Silverlight Integration : This is where we can put ‘Silverlight and SharePoint” and “Silverlight and DotNetNuke” Note: Suggested by Michael Washington.

Please let me know if you like to contribute your tutorials as well.

Let me tell you a bit about the history of this site. I created this website on Jan 20, 2009. By the time when I was creating this site, there was no MVP award for Silverlight so there was no Silverlight MVP at that time. We had only WPF/Silverlight Insiders and we wanted to create one website similiar to ASPInsiders website. I wanted to register SilverlightInsiders.com but that domain was not available so I registered http://wsinsiders.com/ and started collecting all information about Insiders. Collecting Insiders information is kinda hard because I don’t have any latest list of Insiders and there are a few people who don’t have any blog or BIO or photo. Once I have collected the information about MVP and Insiders, I started planning to write the tutorials with a few MVPs. Braulio Diez Botella,  Alexander Golesh,  Emil Stoychev,  Einar Ingebrigtsen and Daron Yöndem.  Jocelyn Mae Villaraza from Microsoft Singapore helped us to review those tutorials. It took me around 1 years to finish this website. Anyway, I’m glad that we finally make it.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestion or comment for that site.

Open Source Software in Silverlight

URL : http://silverlight-source.net/

I created this website based on one of my favorite website called Open Source Software in C#. There are a lot of open source Silverlight projects. The problem is that all projects are not mature or active so I was thinking it would be so useful for Silverlight community if we have a website that have all information about  active, mature and awesome Silverlight open source projects. You can also suggest me the project via this page http://silverlight-source.net/suggest-project/.

Singapore Silverlight User Group

URL : http://sgsug.org/

This is the official website for Singapore Silverlight User Group. Me and Justin Lee are running this group. We are gonna have our first meetup on 10th Feb, 2010. If you are in Singapore, please come to our meetup. It’s just a casual gathering. You can wear anything you want to come there.

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    Response is that a patch cannot be found, thus it will not delete. Help, I don’t want it.

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