SG SLUG – What’s new in Silverlight 4? Presentation and Demo

We had our very first meeting of Singapore Silverlight User Group on last Wednesday at Hackerspace run by Justin Lee. (Thanks, Justin) We got the pizza sponsor from Microsoft Singapore. Jocelyn Mae Villaraza, Jonathan Wong, Alex Goh, Chewy Chong and Chris Ismael from Microsoft came and supported our event. A few people from community attended our event as well. You can take a look at our photos in this link. I will have next meeting with more speakers in March. Hope to see you again soon.. Thank you all for participating in our event.

Here is the presentation and demo that I created for that event.

Presentation Download ~

Demo Downloads :

1. Drag and Drop and Print

I created very simple page that shows the drag and drop feature. And I also included the Jeff Prosise’s SILVERLIGHT 4’S NEW DRAG-AND-DROP SUPPORT demo.

2. Rich Text Area : John Papa

3.WebCam – Photobooth : Karen Corby

4. Validation

5. MultiTouchPuzzle : Scott Guthrie

6. NotificationAPI_CS : Tim Heuer

7. Full Trust – COM

4 Replies to “SG SLUG – What’s new in Silverlight 4? Presentation and Demo”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am eager to see new features of Silver Light 4, I am not able to open presentation file.

    Please let me know, What is Prerequisite for running Attached ?

    With Regards

  2. Sorry about that. Thanks for informing me. I have updated the links. Please try to download ppt again..

    You need to install SL4 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 for that demo…

  3. Hey there Michael, I was interested in your demo files but I cannot open it since it says I have the official release for Silverlight 4, do you have the demo that are updated in official release?

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