LocBaml for .NET 4.0

Someone was asking how to use LocBaml exe with VS 2010 in Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 Release Candidate Forums Forums but noone was answering his question so I managed to take a look at his issue and here is what I got. It’s just very simple one but if you are having like the error as below, you can use this updated tool.

File or assembly “bin\Debug\WpfApp.resource.dll” or one of its depencies not found. The assembly was created by a runtime more actual than the currently loaded one.

Download ~

Hope you find it useful. :)

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  1. Hi.

    I have issues with the satellite assembly generated by this tool. Not loading the assembly when change the UICulture from application.

    You known if have any issues with X64?

  2. Hey Great work man..!!!! i must appreciate..i was hitting my head for last 2 hrs and found the solution here….gud work keep it up…very nice..

    Yes…LocBaml given on MS site does nt work…your version for .net 4.0 works like a charm…-:)

  3. Really nice job.

    But why you dont tell more about the background of the problem. It would be really interesting.

    Ok, who cares now i have to find it out by myself ;).

  4. this locbaml is not working for me.error message says:”could not load file or assembly ‘WPFToolkit, version 3.5.40128.1, culture neutral …”
    i am using .NET framework 4.0 and WPF for my application development.kindly help.

  5. i already have WPFtoolkit Toolkit installed on my machine.and the verion is February 2010(Version 3.5.50211.1).
    still it is not working for me.

  6. Thanks! Had an issue with the backslash/forward slash in my directories but got it solved and created the file.

  7. filenotfound exception and the dll is there

    Excepción no controlada: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: No se puede cargar el
    archivo o ensamblado ‘AllInOne’ ni una de sus dependencias. El sistema no puede
    encontrar el archivo especificado.
    en BamlLocalization.LocBaml.Main(String[] args)

  8. If you have a System.IO.FileNotFoundExceptionException, try to run LocBaml.exe in the same folder as your .exe file. It should fix your problem

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