Good News!! Seesmic Singapore is looking for Silverlight developers

I usually don’t post about job in my blog but I blogged this post and my previous post for two reasons. The First reason is that it’s really hard to find the job for Silverlight developers in Singapore. I hope my posts will help local Silverlight developers who are having problems in finding job. The second reasons is that both job opening are very interesting. I know Frank, the director of Memolife, since last year and I met with him in person quite a few times. He is very nice and friendly person. The project that they are doing is very interesting and unique. Another one is from Seesmic. If you are using Twitter, you probably know about Seesmic and their most popular Twitter client software. Now, they are looking for Silverlight developers in Singapore and you will probably be working with Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone 7. Cool, isn’t it?

Job Description

In MIX 2010, Seesmic unveiles 2 products that is built on Silverlight technology , Seesmic Desktop Platform and Seesmic for Windows Phone.

We are thus looking for a talented Silverlight Developer to join the team and help us continue to innovate our products and make them better for our users.

Candidate will be working closely with the Design team and Silverlight team closely, to review and develop the feature of our in-house Silverlight applications.

Good Knowledge/Experience in Social Networking Applications / APIs / Mashups (Twitter, Facebook, etc) will be a huge plus. Any relevant desktop / mobile development experience will also be taken into account.

Interested candidate please email your resume to

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I am a Banking IT Recruiter working for most of the Investment Banks here in Singapore.

    I am looking for developers with exceptional Silverlight background as well. Could you advertise this for me? Please feel free to contact me at


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