Encoding MP4 Problem in Expression Encoder 4 Pro

I wanna tell you guys about one problem that I’m facing with Expression Encoder 4 Pro. Do you guys ever see this error “This functionality is only available in the fully-featured Expression Encoder Pro” while you are using Expression Studio Ultimate licensed version?  I heard that the most of users who are using the MSDN subscription version of Expression Studio are having this problem.  When you change the Output Format “Windows Media” to MP4, you will get this error.

The screenshot of that error is as below..

I think Microsoft is aware of this issue and I hope we will get the fixes very soon.. Emily Anderson from Microsoft wrote below in IIS7Media forum ~

Thanks for your interest in Expression Encoder.  We have two version of Expression Encoder 4: The first is included in Expression Ultimate purchased through volume licensing, MSDN, and Bizspark, and does not include royalty-bearing codecs.  The second version is included in Expression Ultimate purchased through retail channels, and does include the codecs. The reason for needing two product versions is due to codec redistribution and reporting requirements. Unfortunately we’ve experienced some technical issues with MS store, but we expect the problems to be resolved in the next 48 hours and Encoder to be available again before the end of the week.

If you are wondering whether you have the same problem or not, you can go and check the AboutPage of Encoder 4. The following is mine. If you have “(without codecs)” then you will probably have the same problem..  The only solution that I know is to wait a few more days to get the latest version of Encoder 4 from MSDN subscription. Let me know if you know other workaround..

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  1. It seems even the DreamSpark version of Expression Encoder 4 Pro is affected by this as well. Hopefully it will be resolved for at least the MSDN version.

    Otherwise, it’s another step in the workflow…

  2. It seems that even the DreamSpark version is affected by this licensing restriction.

    Hoping that Microsoft resolves this for at least the MSDN version, or else, it’s another step in the workflow…

  3. This is ridiculous. I got the MSDN AA version because it was supposed to come with the Encoder 4 Pro version. Instead, I’m stuck having to transcode it with Handbrake and I still have the 10 minute limitation with the screen capture utility.

    Can these guys ever do anything 100%? It’s still in the MSDN AA version as of July/August 2011.

  4. If you really want MP4 and don’t want to give out those hard earned dollars here is a work around…Yes it is a 2 step process but the price is right $0.00

    Take the output from Expressions Encoder and run it through Handbrake. Bingo … MP4 version :-)

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