MemoGenius Lite for Windows Phone 7

How are you doing? guys.. I’ve been so busy with both Windows Phone 7 development and Silverlight development lately and I couldn’t able to update anything on my blog.. Sorry, guys! As we are sharing our code base between Silverlight and Phone 7, there are a lot of interesting things that I wanna share with you guys.  I will write about it in different post later but I gotta tell you that it’s not that simple to share the codebase between two platforms. :) As of now, I like to share some screenshots of our Windows Phone 7 application that we submitted around Oct 4th.

I like to tell you guys about what we are doing and etc first. We are developing Silverlight and Phone 7 applications for Brain training games. We already developed around 20 games in Silverlight and all of our games support both English ( ) and Norwegian ( We started working on the version 2 of our application a few months back. When we heard about Windows Phone 7, we are very excited about it and decided to support the Windows mobile platform for our applications as well. Chris Ismael from  Microsoft Singapore helped us to get the prototype version of Windows Phone 7 device (LG) so that we can use it for developing our application. (Thanks, Chris! )

Our application is called “MemoGenius Lite”.. It includes two brain training games and one course. You need to finish the “Flash Course” in order to unlock our brain training games. We added “Share” button in our application so that if you like to share about our application with your friends in facebook, you can simply click on that button to share…

Lightning Course (or Flash Course)

There are three levels in this course. You need to complete it in order to unlock two memory games.

Sharing in Facebook


As it’s a lite version of our application, we didn’t include all other games in our application. In order to unlock those games, you need to have the membership in our website.

Bank Robbery Game

Shopping List

Sorry guys! I would have explained a bit more details about our applications but I really don’t have time to write about it now. I will edit this post later and will let you know when it’s ready..

Thanks to Gunnar and Frank for allowing me to post those screenshots in my blog.

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