Silverlight Diagram Editor

One of my MVP friends shared us a pretty awesome demo that his team created as a part of their Silverlight Diagramming Engine SDK new release. That demo application is called “Silverlight Diagram Editor” and you can see it in action from the link below..

Demo Link

There are some sample apps published in codeplex but the source code of this editor is not included for now. Our Mvp friend “Braulio” who is also one of developers of this SDK said that it will be published in codeplex very soon.

Another thing is that you need to download the SDK from this link in order to compile the project because the sample project from codeplex is missing some of assemblies from SDK.

I think it’s really good to see the product or demo application like that during this time especially when we keep on hearing all those news about the death of Silverlight.. Things are more interesting when Microsoft Former Project Manager “Scott Barnes” posted a rant “Why Silverlight was destined to fail and my time as one of its custodians” about Silverlight in his blog. His post was very long post and full of MS inside information.. Unfortunately, he deleted his post so it’s not available for you to read it now. Anyways, I don’t want to give any comment about Silverlight for now.. I just want to share a cool thing that I found with my Silverlight community….

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