8 Replies to “Windows Phone 7 – USB Device Not Recognized Error”

  1. I get the same error after my PC wakes up from sleep. I have a Segate external hard drive in this usb plug in. All connections fine. Segate hd fine, did a check on it. Does not matter which usb plug in used. Problem has been around several months, before and after service pack one. Hum…..

    Sorry I don’t have an answer, Ed

  2. Thanks Den and Ed.

    I can try only when new update is available.. So, I will try with different USB port and will let you guys know about the status.. Thanks again

  3. Exactly the same problem… I have reset my mobile, but change nothing apart i’m back on Windows Mobile 7.1 (and no Mango anymore) and because of that I can’t connect with my wifi.

  4. Im having the same problem. I have tried everything from reinstalling Zune to wiping my phone so now my phone is blank without any way of putting music and photos back on

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