Be first + Be Smarter + Cheat = ???

Margin Call is one of my favourite moves that I watched in 2011. This movie is about the group of people from large investment firm and what they did in the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis.

I like what John Tuld said in the movie. He said there are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat.

I watched it a couple of months back but when he said came across in my mind when I was checking out one site yesterday. Their product is a UX framework that helps developers to create the metro style “web” application. The UI of their website is very clean and well-structured. I was amazed by the beauty of their website and demo application for a few minutes. I would say that they are one of very first few companies that brought the metro concept to the web and mobiles. By looking at the way that they created their website, demo and framework, and the feedback that I found on twitter, they are very smart people who managed to execute the plan that has a lot of potentials.

but be first and be smarter are not good enough for them so they added something so called marketing trick in their site. I know every side has two stories and you may not call it as a cheating but to me, what they did is dishonest so I called it “cheating”

They asked you to login with Facebook to download the icon collections or framework. I liked their work and I understand that there are some companies that don’t want to implement their own authentication system so they just use Facebook’s Oauth for authorization. I also understand that they will be able to access my private information like email, address or etc.. Anyway, I trusted them so I logged in with my Facebook account and gained them access in order to download their framework.

Do you know what I got? They asked me to have 20 points that I need to spend around 35$ to buy it. I was like WTF! Why don’t you tell me in the first place? I know we all want to get rich and want to make money. $35 is a reasonable price. Me and my company is looking at HTML 5, metro concept for our web application as well. I can put my company to buy for team if your framework is really good even I don’t buy it on my own. We bought license from Infragistic, Telerik and a few others in this way as well.

What pissed me off is NOT about asking money. Why can’t you just honestly tell me in the first place before I gain you access to my Facebook profile?

You guys are very talented but I believe that there is at least one person who wants to cheat other people under the name of “money” or “marketing trick”. Anyway, Good luck but be careful.

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