Metro style theme/template designs for blogs

Touchality run a metro style theme contest “Design for Windows Phone 7 Metro UI WordPress Theme” for their blog on The wining award is $1,023. Six designers submitted 33 designs for that contest. By the time when I checked the contest, the winner was already chosen and the contest was completed so I didn’t manage to see all of the designs but here is what I got.

All credits go to the original designers and people from Touchality and 99designs.


Patrick Yong shared a working copy of wordpress theme in his blog. You can download it from this link if you like the screenshot below.

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  1. Surprised that after dishing out the money for the design they didn’t have budget to make the site work properly. Tons of their links not working, other pages full of “Lorem ipsum” e.g.

    The design is pretty “metro”, hands down, but I the site looks like more of a mockup than anything.

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