Designer’s power

I was working on small windows phone app that implements well-known time management technique called pomodoro. I tried to come up with metro style but I wasn’t so happy with what I created so I outsourced this design to a designer who is already familiar with metro design concept. He managed to send the prototype within 24 hours and send the final one within two days. I’m quite happy with his design. (Please check the screenshots with red background.)

The moral of the story is that it’s just a waste of time if you ask developers to take care the UI design of your application. Sometimes, it’s more expensive to get the crappy design from developers than outsourcing the UI to designers.. It’s surprised to see that some developers are being asked to handle the UI part in some companies around my area. This is the reason why some products in our area got crappy design and bad usability.

But still, I still have one application that I designed when I was bored. It will be my next application. I will show you some screenshot in next post. I have developed “Metro Pomodoro” app and submitted to Marketplace. I will let you know once it’s published.

My initial design

Final design from designer

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