Windows Phone 7/7.5 + Phonegap = ????

When I saw Microsoft’s cool HTML 5 demo, I was pretty excited because it has all effects/animation that we need for Windows Phone. Pivot control and live title are already parts of that demo. (Of course, it’s not a re-usable component but it has all basic functionalities )  You can visit this link if you want to see the demo in action. ( Note: you must use the browser that uses webkit (For example: Google Chrome)).

We decided to give a try with HTML 5 + Phonegap for Windows Phone development. The first thing that we do is to create a pivot control based on that demo’s code. Of course, we can invest time to create an awesome pivot control that works on all browsers but this wasn’t our goal. We just want it fast! As I mentioned, the demo’s CSS is based on webkit so it doesn’t work on IE. IE10 supports some CSS3 with Microsoft specific tag “-ms” (just like -webkit for web kit engine, -moz for Mozilla ) but again, Windows Phone (mango) has IE Mobile version with IE9 engine (not IE 10). Then, we tried using “Sass CSS3 Mixins! The Cross-Browser CSS3 Sass Library” with Phonegap. After spending a few days, we realized that it’s not worth to make HTML 5 and CSS 3 works on IE9. We decided that we will be using Silverlight until Windows phone supports IE 10.

Does anyone use Phonegap for Windows Phone app development? How was your experience?

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  1. I’ve had very good success using html5, phonegap and jquery mobile.
    I’ve been using Html5 features like custom attributes and local storage.
    In my opinion, visual studio is the superior IDE for phonegap development because the F5 deployment and the simple emulator.
    Make sure you have the latest version of phonegap and use jquery mobile as a guide for css you should be in good shape

  2. Great.. Thanks for sharing..

    Which mobile platform did you target when you are using phonegap?

    I tried using jQuery mobile as well when I was doing mobile app for Windows Phone 7 but the problem is that IE 9 doesn’t really support CSS 3.

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