Tip: FxCop issue with System.Net.Http

Updated: Please see the status of FxCop/Code Analysis in this post

Error Message:

CA0058 Error Running Code Analysis CA0058 : The referenced assembly ‘System.Net.Http, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’ could not be found. This assembly is required for analysis and was referenced by: {Your-Project-Path}\packages\Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.Core.4.0.20710.0\lib\net40\System.Web.Http.dll. [Errors and Warnings] – (Global)

FxCop Issue


  1. Go to “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Team Tools\Static Analysis Tools\FxCop” or “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Team Tools\Static Analysis Tools\FxCop” if you have VS 2012.
  2. Open FxCopCmd.exe.config and change AssemblyReferenceResolveMode from StrongName to StrongNameIgnoringVersion
  3. Save the change and rebuild your project

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