Canon MG3170 / MG3100 Printer Driver Issue

Note: It’s just a nonsense post that I wrote when I got nothing better to do. :) 

My good old printer “Canon MP198” went to coma last month after working for me about 5 years.  It’s sad but no choice. I have to move on and buy a new one “Canon MG3170” which is a sibling of my good old printer today. She(It) looks stunning with red dress. She can do scanning, printing, copying very well just like her old sibling used to do but she got something called Wi-fi that I never tried it before.


I am quite happy with that red little girl but the problem comes when I start asking her to do a test print. She doesn’t understand me at all. We have a communication issue. I am stretching my head to find the solution about how to communicate and then I realize that I am having problem in getting rid of my old communication pattern that I used to use with her old sibling. That’s why I keep on getting this response whenever I tried to talk to her.

MP Drivers
Printer driver is currently in use. If you are not using the printer driver, it may be used by other users on this computer.
Exit all applications and printer properties and then try again.
If you still have a problem, restart the computer and then try again.

MP Drivers Uninstallation

So, I start getting rid of everything related to my good printer but the auto-setup communication program that comes with my new red little girl still doesn’t work. Then, I decided to take the protocol from auto-setup and give it to her directly then it works like a charm. I ask her to do some printing, scanning and copying now and she perform well like a good little girl. Thanks girl! You made my day beautiful! :)


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