Copy and Paste problem between local and remote computer during Remote Desktop connection?

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Okie. We use the remote desktop connection everyday and we all know that we need to enable “Clipboard” option in “Local Resources” in RPP to support copy/paste between local machine and remote. But sometimes, this copy/paste thing suddenly stop working and you will end up keep on disconnecting and connecting the remote desktop connection again and again.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Resource Clipboard

Sound familiar? I want to share the solution that works for me. When you got this copy/paste issue, you open up the task manager, kill the rdpclip.exe under your name. Then you can run rdpclip.exe again from Task manager or commandline. After that, you can try to copy/paste again. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Windows Task Manager

11 Replies to “Copy and Paste problem between local and remote computer during Remote Desktop connection?”

  1. Thanks… killing rdpclip.exe and restating it worked for me! I got a new computer and was still able to copy/paste from other computers to the RD. So, I thought it was a setting on my new pc. Glad I found this!

  2. hello.what if RDC local device and resources no “clipboard”?disk drives,printers & serial ports are only available.

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