Most annoying thing in Visual Studio

Here is my most annoying thing in Visual Studio. What about yours?

I have my MVP MSDN subscription, Dreamspark (Ya, I am still a student), BizSpark (with my friends)  for many years. This dialog pop-up once in a while to annoy me. Ya. it happened with VS express version that is totally free as well. Who the fuck are you to keep on validating your own royal customers? Is it your best marketing strategy?

I guess some program managers who decided to force (instead of encourage) VS users should be a part of this year’s cut (18K? )

It doesn’t matter how much I love Microsoft technology. but I hate when I am being forced.

Most anoying things in VS


3 Replies to “Most annoying thing in Visual Studio”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link.. ya.. I tired of seeing the dialog that shows “background task is doing something”.. i mean, it’s a background task then we are not supposed to know or get interrupted , right? there is another thing.. version control integration. I am using git.. it always show me the git provide in my solution explorer automatically.. i dont want the integration.. i disabled it once.. it shoudn’t keep on asking me again and again to use git integration.. i am absolutely fine with command line.. or svn that based on explorer.

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