Azure Website: ERROR_PROXY_GATEWAY in deploying an Azure website using MSDeploy from TeamCity

Error Message

[14:33:45][VSMSDeploy] C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v12.0\Web\Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets(4270, 5): error ERROR_PROXY_GATEWAY: Web deployment task failed. (Could not connect to the remote computer (“[yoursite]”) using the specified process (“Web Management Service”). This can happen if a proxy server is interrupting communication with the destination server. Disable the proxy server and try again. Learn more at:


There is an official page that contains the list of error codes and possible resolution from IIS. What was suggested for ERROR_PROXY_GATEWAY is as below.

Diagnosis – A proxy gateway is preventing Web Deploy from communicating with the remote Web Deploy endpoint.Resolution – Web Deploy does not read system proxy settings. As a workaround, try disabling the system proxy:

  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools > Options
  • Click Connection
  • Click LAN Settings
  • Disable all checkboxes

It didn’t really help me directly because my build server is on Azure data center in same region where I host my test site and it used to work all the time since long time back. But when I tried to rdp the server then I found that there is a alert for the server restart. So, it seems to me that when the server needed to be restarted then it might limit the connection or something. I was still able to connect the team city website but it was just that msdeploy didn’t work so I did the restart and everything’s back to normal again.

So, if you are getting the same error all of a sudden, try to rdp to your server and see whether there is a restart alert or not. 

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  1. I’m having the same problem. I assume your team city is a Cloud Service instead of an Azure Website (which is what mine is). I stopped and started it but still getting the error.

  2. Hi Jonh, Sorry for late reply.. I am hosting my Team City on VM that I am using as a build server. The flow that I was using is that I ms-build the project on VM from TeamCity, and deploy it to Azure Web site. Are you still having problem? If you manage to fix it then please share the solution so I can share it with other readers.

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