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  1. Hi Mike

    I came across your post that you translated WordPress sometime back unfortunately it was with Unicode-abused font.That was quite a long time ago and I don’t find that language for UI selection
    in WordPress.

    Have you abandoned converting process to Unicode 5.1 encoding?


  2. I had gone through the code of rich text editor, however it is not supporting japanese language. As the rich text editor takes each character by charater which is not the case with the japanese, chinese languages. Let me know if you have any solution.

  3. Hi M.Sync. Fist, I wanna thank to your sharing.

    I have used your RichTextEditor. It is very ok. And now, I wanna ask you a question.Could you explain and give me the way to do ?

    In the RichTextEditor , I wanna insert hyperlink. How can I do it?
    Could you reply me via email (khoilove2000@yahoo.com)

    Thanks in advance
    Khoi Pham

  4. Hi Michael,

    In one of your replies to a question in Code project you had mentioned that it is not possible to embed an Asp.net Web Page inside a Silverlight Application.


    But I would want to do it. I recently learnt that we cannot run SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) in Silverlight. One of solutions I came across was to link an ASP.net Page from the Silverlight Application. But this seems to be an ugly work and I don’t want the user to see multiple windows opening for different reports.

    Can you suggest me if it is viable to view a SSRS or ASP.net Page seamlessly?


  5. Hey Michael,

    Quick question… I am trying to get inheritance to work in Silverlight, and I found this post from you which looked great:


    I gave it my best shot, no luck, I tried to download your code but after it was converted to SL3 it didnt compile…

    Was this somehow changed in SL3? Any response you can give me would be great either here or better still puckoff7337 AT gmail

    On an side note, I notice you are based in Singapore which is totally cool, I am working at a small .NET shop in Tokyo

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer


  6. Gee! I know you.. Gee.. I don’t even know the world is just so small or MICT was too small..

  7. I love you. You are gentle, patient, and you brought to light all the wonderful screenshots of igoogle themes.

    Thank you sweet genius.

  8. Hi Michael, I liked your website. I was looking for javascript resources and found you on google. I am writing to let you know that when I am trying to download a sample file on your firebug tutorial page takes me to this website esnips.com which is listed as malicious on Norton Safe website and my computer blocks it. Please check the link and clear your site from it. I hope there was another way to let you know about this. If there was another way to contact you I would have done it.


  9. Hi Michael,
    Congratulation for MVP award.
    Can you please how to be MVP? currently working on Silverlight 4.0 and WCF with VS2010.

    Please guide.

  10. Hi, i would like to thank you all the tutorials you made, they helped me a lot!
    Greets from Hungary!

  11. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
    I, too, believe in that concept.
    In that way the knowledge will spread in geometrical proportion.
    Keep up your good working.
    Best wishes from Serbia, Belgrade


  12. Really awesome work. I learnt quite a lot about firebug from here. You wouldl be happy to know that your website was one of the reference material to learn from in our job training!!

  13. Hi Michael

    Thanks for the info on the JavaScript and accessing a database, much appreciated. I do online questionnaires
    and want to include a database component

    Best Wishes from South Africa

  14. Thanks for sharing the info on firebug.
    Good job. Keep up the good work.
    I have just started learning javascript.
    Its good to know there are people out
    there like u helping others become better

  15. Hi, as I knew, you worked in Xuenn before. May I know your feeling about working in Xuenn? For example, their culture, their working style, their management style, …if possible, may I know your feeling about their project managers? Please, I would like to know in these few days. They’re asking me to have an interview with them.

    Thank you very much.

  16. Gran trabajo. El blog cumple ok con su propósito de compartir; las materias son interesantísimas, para mi lo ha sido lo referente a Firebug; y espero ser un lector constante. Gracias amigo, veré como corresponderte.
    Y qué guapa es Elena Sync :)!

  17. HI Mike

    I loved ur blog, its very bright and easy to understand unlike the techie blogs i come across often in this .net world!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Hi Bro,
    You really rock , thank you so much for maintaining scroll position on postbacks, i am just loving it !!! Happy new year . .

  19. Mike,
    Just want to add to my comment on the iGoogle post – thank you SO much for posting the theme pictures… I saved the ones from the cityscape theme and at least I can look at it sometimes :o) now that google has taken it away from me… :o(

    Much appreciated.

  20. Hello Michael,

    have you already implement the “AddImage-method” in your fantastic project “WpfRichText.Ex”? ;o))


  21. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your interesting blog. I’m doing some software localization project. I found your site http://michaelsync.net/2010/03/01/locbaml-for-net-4-0 and I was very happy that I can overcome the original LocBaml problems. Unfortunately I could not make your version of LocBaml working… Did you write any article where you share your localization experience in more detail form? In case you have not written it yet, could you please recommend any good reliable source of information? I would appreciate any help.

    Again, thank you for all your interesting posts,

    Best regards,

  22. Hi there! I chanced upon your blog when I was doing a Google search on Silverlight and WPF. I myself have been a web developer and senior web developer for about 8 years, but have started learning .NET since 2001 when it first came out. I’ve been growing with .NET all these years. And I am seriously and genuinely hoping to network with more individuals within Singapore who are also serious about sharing what they know.

    I’ve recently switch my specialization into Silverlight 4 and WPF, and the response has been rather good for awhile now. And I certainly hope that the opportunities will keep rising! And I’ll keep going until my goals have been achieved!

    You can feel free to visit my blog and share your comments! Hope to hear from you soon!

  23. Hi Michael!
    I am looking a long time for some way to use the HTML without being to technical and thank You for Your Very Very easy to follow thread.
    It is great.

  24. Hi Michael, Nice to see your blog.. can you please give some clear sample application using silverlight + mvvm light toolkit + ria services (CURD) ,
    its help me lot.

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