FileZilla’s new ads-bundled installer and it’s screaming users

Well, you might probably know about it already but as I don’t change my laptop that often, I didn’t notice about it until when I tried to install the FileZilla on my new laptop last month.

Look at those screenshots below. pretty weird, isn’t it? I was so shock to see those creepy ads inside my favorite opensource installer..

Fuck up Ads on SourceForge or FileZille Installer #2 Fuck up Ads on SourceForge or FileZille Installer

But the first thing that I think was that it might be “SourceForge” that was putting those crap in all installers that are being hosted on SF’s site. No way the FileZilla team would have done like that.


After a few google search, I came across this post “Sourceforge pushing crap EXEs instead of filezilla installer” posted by someone who had a same thought that I had earlier. :)

This link includes the conversation between the developer of FileZilla and the community. You can go and read it as well. but it’s a lengthy post so I am just going to share some highlights that I think is important.


The developer confirmed that those ads are not secretly pushed by SourceForge. It’s the developer who want to push those ads in his installer. Here is what he said.

 This is intentional. The installer does not install any spyware and clearly offers you a choice whether to install the offered software.

If you need an unbundled installer, you can still download it from


The community (including me) were shock to learn the hard and ugly truth. Some users complained that FileZilla is no longer be a trust software and they are going to stop using it in future. The developer from FileZilla replied as below saying that he is still interested in the community’s opinion ( Please refer to this link )~

You are being given the choice to accept or decline the offers, nothing is forced upon you. If I were not interested in your opinion, I would have simply pushed third-party software upon you without your consent.
As for the perceived silence: I’ve already stated all relevant information, should I repeat them ad nauseam?

last but not the least, someone asked the FileZilla developer

Would you be fine with someone who gave you a free car replacing it with one that is radioactive?

The developer replied ~

That analogy isn’t correct. Better version: Someone used to give you a free car in the past. These days, he still gives you the free car, but in addition asks whether you also want a random truck.

But I believe that analogy is not correct or better either. My version would be: “Someone used to give you a free car in past, These day, he asks you whether you want some crap a couple of time before giving you the free car”


Of course, you can feel free to use another FTP client but if you still want to use the FileZille and you don’t want to see those creepy ads then there is a workaround.

In the download page, don’t download the “Recommended” installer. Instead, you click on “Show additional download options”.


FileZille Ads Suck


In next page, you will see another “recommended” installer for you to download. I am not sure that there are two recommendations for our windows users but ya. if you want the ads-free, this is the one that you should download.


FileZille another recommendation


You can also verify the correct installer by looking at the icon or the size of installer.

SF FileZilla Vs Original FileZilla

Okie. This is not a normal tech post that I used to write but it’s sad to see that FileZilla went to this part. What are your thoughts?

May 2014 MSDN Session – Microsoft Philippines

We had a great MSDN session at Microsoft Philippine last week (May 29, 2014, 6:30 PM). This is my first talk in Philippine after relocating from Singapore. I am glad that Jon invited me to speak there and I am more glad that a lot of people (100+?) came for our event.

Here is the list of topics that we presented in this section.

  • Redis by Michael Sync
  • What’s new in Visual Studio 2013 by Xian Gruspe
  • Angular.js by Rudolf Antonio

Here are some photos that we took at our event. I like to say thank you for everyone who came for our session. And I also thank to those who arranged this session and invited me to speak there as well. Hopefully, I will be able to participate more and more in community. 1. Redis Overview Section - Microsoft Philipine

2. Redis - Question 2. and Answer

3. Visual Studio 2013 Features

4. Angular

z (2)

z (7)

z (9)

Microsoft //publish/ satellite event in Manila!

Date: Saturday May 17, 2014, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: Microsoft Philippines, 8th Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Microsoft Event

Event Overview

It’s a day-long hackathon to work on your Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Xamarin cross-platform and Unity for Windows 8 apps! Showcase your apps at the end of the day to have the chance to win either a Dell Venue Pro tablet and a Nokia 1520 handset!

Publish your app before June 1, 2014 and you will be qualified to the global contest to win a trip to the 2014 Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, a $10,000 “Ultimate Dev Cave” package, a MakerBot 3D Printer, or more Nokia 1520s!


(Thanks to Jon Limjap for the description.)

You can find more information at

I will be at the event as well. Don’t forget to say “Hi!” when you see me. :)

Community {Technology} Update 2012, Singapore

Technical Updates for the community, by the community

Community Technology Update is back!!! This is the 9th iteration of CTU and we are doing something different this time round. Thanks to our venue sponsor, we will be holding upcoming CTU at Plug-In@Blk71. Apart from the change in venue, everything else remains the same, especially the Community’s Sprites of CTU!!

User Group of Singapore has come together once again to put up a full day technical sharing event for the community. Like the usual CTU, content are design to keep you updated with the latest technology. We have sessions planned for IT Professionals, Developers and Database Administrators. There is something for everyone so don’t miss this chance and start registering today!!!
As an exclusive member of <Insert your UG name>, you get invited to this event!

Date    07th January 2012
Time   0900 – 1730 hrs
Venue Plug-In@Blk71
Blk71 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139951
Registration Fees $12 (Early-birds)
$20 (Walk-ins)

Why you should attend this event:

  • To learn about the new generation “8” product. Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows Server 8 will be covered
  • To learn about Windows 8 and Dev12 devolvement
  • A great chance to network around with IT Pros and Dev in Singapore

Who should attend this event:

  • IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Essentially you, as you’re one of our user group members!

For instruction to register to this event, go to

To find out more about the event, go to

To find out how to get to the venue, go to

To find out why we’re charging for the event and other questions, go to

If you have any questions, please feel free to email to Desmond(SWUG Lead) at

Thank you O’Reilly!!!

Singapore Silverlight User Group has received the book contribution from O’Reilly User Groups.  Thanks a lot, O’Reilly!! I’m going to give those books to 4 lucky winners on our next meeting. It will probably be somewhere around March. I’m trying to get some more speakers for our next meeting. I’m sure that I can get some helps from Microsoft Singapore. :) Thanks for participating in our group. I hope that we will see more people in our next meeting. :)

Here is the list of books that I received.

  • Introducing Silverlight 3
  • Programming WPF
  • Data-Driven Service with Silverlight 2
  • SOA in Practice

If you wanna buy any book from O’Reilly, you can use this coupon DSUG to get 45% discount..  Enjoy!

You can also visit to our Singapore Silverlight User Group website.