My Interview on CodeProject is out

My Interview on CodeProject is out
My interview on Codeproject is out.. :) You can read there “A Coder Interview With Michael Sync”.. :)

I’m back!! 1

I'm back!!
Good evening guys! Yeah. I’ve been away from blogging for several months. I’m so sorry about that. I tried writing some posts during these days but I couldn’t manage to finish them and they are still lying on my draft lists. Anyway, I’m glad that I am finally able to come back to this blog ...

Silverlight Guys, What should we do next? 4

A couple of months back, my boss went back from Norway and UK. He met with one guy from Google. That guy told my boss that HTML 5 is the future and we should be more focusing on HTML 5 than Silverlight that we are currently using. When my boss back to the office, the ...

My blog was under attack 3

My blog was under attack
Bad news! guys.. My blog was under attack for several times during this year. (Thanks to my readers who informed me about the problem.) I have successfully removed the injected script from my blog so it’s safe for you guys to read my blog again. (Actually, It was safe for you guys because the domain ...

Updates 1

Good morning! I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing all right. I’ve been so busy lately and was not able to update anything on my blog for long time. I’m very sorry about that. The problem with me is that I want to know or experiment a lot of things so I keep ...

1st Wedding Anniversary 4

1st Wedding Anniversary
Today is our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Me, my wife and my sister went to New York New York! and had very great dinner… The following are some of our photos that we took in that shop.. It was great and fun.. :) You can also check my wedding photo in this link .