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03 Apr 2009

My blog is 3 years old now!

Hey there!!

My blog is 3 years old now. It was so fast!! I’m still feeling the day that I started this blog. As I wasn’t that familiar with any blogging software, I did a lot of searches and experiments for the blogging platform that I’m  going to use for my little blog. I tried quite a few platforms including blogger, wordpress, typepad and etc and I chose to use wordpress for blog. Yes. I’m still happy with wordpress (both wordpress.com and wordpress.org ) until now and I believe that I make the right choice.

Here is the stats for last year.


  • 582602 page views this year (960,549 - 377,947)
  • 1600 to 2000 page views per day
  • 889 comments (2,850 - 1,961)


MVP under Silverlight expertise

Link: https://michaelsync.net/posts/silverlight-mvp-most-valuable-professional-award

Thank you so much!! guys.. I will keep on bringing new stuffs as much as I could. Please keep on watching.. :) Thanks again.