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26 Sep 2013

Bug – Code Analysis doesn’t work well with async methods even in Visual Studio 2013

**Updated: Please see the status of FxCop/Code Analysis in this post. **

Yeah. That’s bad.. We are extensively using async/await in most of our projects. We have a guideline for developers to follow the code analysis with our own custom ruleset. We even run CA on CI (Yes! Initially, we were using FxCop on CI but we found one blocking issue that makes us to stop using FxCop on CI). but now, we found that CA is not able to analyze the async methods in both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 RC.

What to do?  I am still thinking whether I should start looking for other tools What static analysis tools are available for C#? or I should just wait for Microsoft to fix the issue.

Code Analysis Issue with async method