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05 Apr 2014

TeamCity Tip: Building all pull requests and updating the status to Github

I like to share a must-have tip for those who are using continuous integration/continuous delivery with github and Teamcity.
14 Mar 2014

WCF Tricks

I am rebuilding this blog after taking a break for a few years. I am migrating some of my old posts and will be adding a new post as well. Stay tuned.
18 Feb 2014
05 Nov 2013

“The Provider encountered an unknown error” when creating new users in EF DbMigrationsConfiguration.Seed method

The objective was to create some default users in EF Seed method so we could login without having a link for new user registration in application.
29 Oct 2013

TeamCity: Unable to connect the build agent?

Can't connect to TeamCity Build agent? Here is the solution that might work for you.