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29 Oct 2013

WebDeploy 3 – Error in publishing an ASP.NET website to Amazon EC2 IIS

Here is the error that I got when I publish a website from Azure VM to Amazon EC2 VM. I am using the following MSBuild command to do the deployment and I got Web Deploy 3.0 installed on EC2 VM.
26 Sep 2013

Bug – Code Analysis doesn’t work well with async methods even in Visual Studio 2013

Can't connect to TeamCity Build agent? Here is the solution that might work for you.
25 Sep 2013

Problem/Solution: Error in publishing ASP.NET MVC with MvcBuildViews ON from Visual Studio 2012

This post is contributed by Matthew Seng. It's the solution for fixing the ASP.NET MVC publishing error.
25 Sep 2013
28 May 2013

(Unsolved) FxCop + .NET Portable Library Issue

Are you having problem with using FxCopy and .NET Portal Library?